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     Hey, welcome to Fast and Furious dot US! Goal here is to NOT have a goal. This space is my place to put whatever I want, that’s the point.
     Little bit about me you ask? Sure, I've been doing my site since 1994... Wow that’s a long time. The site has been through a lot of changes from MOHOC Online magazine when it had been on TV and in a few newspapers it even won awards as the fastest growing web-mag online by Microsoft of all things. That was the 90’s, the internet was new and it was far less busy. My other hobby was show cars, all my life I have had a love of cars and liked showing them off at events for charity or no reason at all. So putting that stuff up here for you guys was probably the best thing Ive done to get some of my out there and not just have it sit in a drawer.
     Check us out on Facebook, we’re on a few other media sites but it’s tough keeping up with all of them so Facebook and here is where it’s at.
     We have fans all over the world, so that s cool and I love hearing from them on Facebook or right here using our contact form or  email. 

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