ZOMBIE Apocoliptica or Za

Coming closer to the end of filming now (so the director tells me).
Man this has been a long project but rightfully so.  This is a low-to-no budget grindhouse-esc film that will earn a “B” grade if we’re lucky. A fan driven movie for people that love comics and video games. An original story solely done in the spare time of so many cool people that just want to see it come to life. Filming on only a few weekends a year! yeah, a few weekends a year but only if the weather holds out, Lighting is good, schedules allow and holidays or vacations dont conflict. Truly an up hill battle… the other day the director said “on the next one we’ll be better”…. gotta love that guy.

Anyway here is the latest and last iteration for the truck in this film. but I dont think its the last behind the scenes post for me. #stillgoing