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the Aficionauto

Well built by a talented guy (your welcome Chris) every episode or mini documentary based around actual famous cars is just so cool to watch. Interesting facts you may have never even thought of or inside photos and facts not know till now. Def a must see!

Check out theAFICIONAUTO on YouTube and I promise it will be amaze that some of these cars are still around, plus what they have been through after filming stops.

– YouTube

Meet and Greet Stunt Show

We were lucky and received an invited to see the “Lights, Motor, Action” stunt show in Disney World FL this year. (2014) We also met, spoke with and personally guided around the set by SAG Stuntman and Owner of MoStunts Entertainment, LLC ( Chris Morena! A supper nice guy and talented stuntman with credits like Transformers 4, Burn Notice, Footloose and credits on so many more TV, Movie and live shows. Enjoy the pictures, take a look at his site and let him know you saw him on!

Thanks to Kristin, Chris and Disney World for putting this together.