Just because 😛

I have the site on my phone so why not try out mobile posts. It’s early and I have a photo here that I wasn’t sure I shared.

These were taken while I am in costume, on one of the locations we’re shooting.



2015-08-09 11.04.13 sml

Thank you from FastandFurious.us to all the Fast and Furious family, friends and fans… We wish the best for Mr. Walker’s family and everyone touched by Reach Out World Wide. (ROWW.org)

This special shirt reminds us of Paul but I would like to add sentiment, that if you come across this site and wished you were a part of something great,  help by donating. Please visit https://www.roww.org/  Paul Walkers foundation site which has many ways to be a part of something big. His work and vision lives on through many wonderful and dedicated people as well as generous donations made by businesses and people like you.

Thank you all from Fastandfurious.us, Family is all we have and we should never forget those that face hard times and unavoidable events that tear them apart.

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